If you’re calling on the wrong people, you’re spending time on “opportunities” that never had a chance. If your leads are higher quality, you’re less likely to be calling on the wrong people.

A high quality lead is one that’s highly likely to become a customer. Your challenge is therefore to figure out what constitutes a high quality lead for your offering, and focus on finding more of them.

  • TWEAK #1: Hone your selection criteria. Look at the kind of leads that are working for you and then go back to your lead generation method and find more of the same. Generate a better lead scoring mechanism so that you follow up on your best leads first.
  • TWEAK #2: Enhance your research tools. Periodically revisit the online tools that you’re using to find leads, and research companies and individuals. New tools are being introduced into the marketplace every day, so do some research… on how to do better research.
  • TWEAK #3: Revisit your network. Everything changes, especially in the business world. Friends and colleagues who previously didn’t know of any prospects may know of some now. You’ve also built up a customer base; enlist their aid in expanding your network and finding new customers.
  • TWEAK #4: Help your marketeers. If you’re fortunate enough to have a marketing groups that’s tasked to generate sales leads, provide them with regular, direct information on who’s interested and who’s buying, along with all the specific details (like job title, industry, typical organizational structure, etc.), so that they can get you better leads.
  • TWEAK #5: Improve your database. Because a CRM system tracks sales efforts, it can provide a treasure-trove of statistical data defining the current customer base and how effective you’ve been selling to it. Make sure your CRM records are up to date is in your own interest.
  • TWEAK #6: Hone your sales messages. There’s no sales message so perfect that it can’t be improved. Every few months, try revisiting your core sales message, your elevator pitch, your qualifying questions and so forth. Based upon your current experience, try to make the better, shorter, and more effective.

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