The 2nd Dangerous Myths of B2B Marketing

  • Myth: Marketing is needed because Sales has a short-term focus.
  • Truth: Sales focuses on whatever matches the compensation scheme.
  • Explanation: With Sales (unlike Marketing) there is a direct connection between behavior and measurement. If Sales is compensated on closing new business, they go out and close business. If Sales is compensated on profit per customer over time, they build strong customer relationships. That’s the beauty of Sales, which is without a doubt the most responsive organization inside the corporation. By contrast, if Marketing isn’t measured (which is usually the case), it doesn’t matter whether their focus is short-term or long-term, because there’s no way of knowing whether they’re actually having any impact, positive or negative.
  • How to Expunge: Institute a compensation plan for sales that includes long-term goals like customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.



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