The 1st Dangerous Myths of B2B Marketing

  • Myth: Sales and Marketing are comparable functions.
  • Truth: Sales is essential; Marketing is not.
  • Explanation: If Sales doesn’t do its primary job of closing business, the company goes out of business. If Marketing doesn’t do its primary job – generating leads – Sales figures out a way to go it alone. It’s a big mistake to assume that Marketing – Real Marketing – isn’t important. In fact, real Marketing is the key to reducing the cost of sales and creating a more profitable company. But rather than providing that service (which is hard work and therefore contains the possibility of failure), many marketeers would rather blather on about “strategic advantage” and other airy-fairy concepts that allow Marketing to take credit for success and deflect blame for failure.
  • How to Expunge: Put the marketing group organizationally under the sales group.



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